The mission of Franny Strong is to promote pertussis awareness and boost childhood immunization rates for all vaccine-preventable diseases.

When childhood immunization rates drop, the public health  of the entire region, state, and nation is threatened.

Our story

The Franny Strong Foundation was established in 2012 in honor of Francesca Marie, who lost her life to pertussis at just twelve weeks of age. Francesca’s battle with this terrible disease was short but amazingly heroic. Her symptoms began with a mild, almost unnoticeable cough. She died just nine days after first showing symptoms. Our work is dedicated to sparing families from experiencing this kind of loss. 

Franny Strong develops cutting-edge education strategies to help healthcare professionals and the public learn about vaccinations. Our expert team is dedicated to finding better ways to communicate about the benefits of vaccines.

Franny Strong will work tirelessly to educate others. Join us in our fight to save lives.